You may be familiar with my Swimming Thoughts section, but since I’ve seriously taken up yoga in 2017, I wanted to add a Yoga Thoughts Section to my blog as well. I have had some really good revelations about life lately during my mostly twice-weekly yoga practice. Shavasana is the best part, because you get to relax at the end of a good yoga practice session, breath, and focus on mindfulness. You are in the moment, focusing on your breathing, and pushing every single non-momentary thought out of your brain. This has allowed me to have some serious introspection, and my goal is to share some of those thoughts through my writing. So her it goes! My first Yoga Thought!

Home is the most important place for your children. Home is where they will develop their core thoughts about the world and their place in it. If you nurture their minds, hearts, and bodies with love, respect, and stability you will create a strong foundation in your child’s soul. From that foundation, your children will be able to find success for themselves.



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