Welcome to my blog!

You may be wondering why you are here.  I am wondering that myself.  The reality of my life right now is that I have no idea how to do this “blogging” thing, so I am taking a leap into the depths of the interwebs.  Wading out of the shallow waters of the world wide web and actually posting content instead of just reading it.  It’s a big change for me. Hopefully I can make a positive contribution.

I’m calling this blog “A Not So Well-Behaved Woman” because, let’s face it, I’m not really behaved at all.  I may look like a polite, well-mannered lady, but I have been known to spout off unpopular opinions after a few too many drinks. I have managed to offend people around me by challenging their statements right to their faces and intrusively attempting to get them to change their minds.  My dad would say that I “call a spade a spade” and that I don’t like to let people get away with outdated assumptions and lazy thinking.  I drop “f” bombs all the time, and I have no problem calling people out on their statements and opinions.  I like to think that I attempt to hold people accountable,  but some may say that I might just be ill-mannered.  But the reality is that I am on a mission to stop caring about what other people think of me, and to make some sort of contribution to this world.  A contribution as a modern woman for my fellow modern women.

I am a woman, a mother, a wife.  But my goal is to not necessarily be a “mommy blogger”.  There will be posts about my kids and family, but there will also be posts about the world at large.  I was a history and political science major in college, so politics, history, and current events are a sure bet here.  I will almost surely write about feminism (gasp! the horrors!) because I want to try to wrap my head around the evolution of feminist thought in our rapidly changing world.  And it just interests me!  Maybe it interests you!  Read on to find out.

But I will say now that I will most likely offend you. My husband, a former college teacher, says that if you go through life never being offended by what other people say, you are just doing life wrong.  Beliefs need to be challenged, and that is what I hope to do here.  My goal is to do this with humor and sarcasm, as per my not so well-behaved personality. So if I do offend you, I will understand if you don’t want to read my writing.  There are plenty of things to read out there on the web, and I’m just one woman.  But I’m a woman on a mission.  A mission to bring clarity and purpose to our crazy world.

And you better believe that I will be misbehaving the whole time!!





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